Cool Graffiti

August 28, 2008

I tried three times to write an interesting post about cool graffiti in the city and keep drawing a blank. So I will just show you the pictures. Here are the amazing graffiti projects I have seen around the city this summer.


The skeleton with the flower is my fav.


August 5, 2008

The interesting thing about different city pubs is that you never know what the hell you’ll find upon entering. This one, Victoria and Alberts, is actually in Scarborough and it is sort of the go to place for my family on any uninspired Friday night to grab a pint and chat. The place has its regulars like any pub, but this one has such a colourful mix of people and stories that it is just so much fun to go there! For instance, there is a woman, who is around 70 (we have this info from her much younger pal who accompanies her every Friday night and whom we call her daughter) and she loves to dance! She will throw a couple back and then get on the dance floor to show us her moon walk, which isn’t too bad. This is how she earned the name “Mrs. Jackson”. Every Friday you can see her become a star on the dance floor and it is always entertaining. The pictures below are from last christmas. She even gave my uncle a lap dance.

Last Friday we stopped in for a drink and met the most amusing couple of all. A woman, possibly older than Mrs. Jackson, came in with a man that we all presumed to be her grandson. He was young looking, 28 perhaps? The two made their way onto the dance floor and we all watched making comments like “awww isn’t that cute? A grandson dancing with his grandma!” Until he started to let his hands roam and the dancing became pretty steamy! It was a most interesting sight!

We have also been keeping up with the lastest gossip. Mrs. Jackson’s daughter is still dating a rather large man called Courtney, and we have been watching their relationship progress from the night they danced together for hours and ended up leaving together, (last christmas) to now. When we saw her come into the pub alone we all wondered, “Where is Courtney?” but he ended up showing later on and the two were as close as ever.

A woman, very attractive, whom we refer to as the P.T. (which stands for personal trainer which is her profession) was really into showing off that night! She ran up to the stage area to help Victor Shim (One man band with his pre-recorded tracks and his saxophone who actually played at my mom’s wedding) and grabbed the extra microphone to sing along to every song. It was really annoying.

Anyway, the pub is like a soap opera. So many stories and many interesting people. Friday can never be boring at V&A’s!

*Mrs. Jackson in blue top

Baskery and Colostomy Bags

July 31, 2008

My friend and I decided to be spontaneous. We missed the Baskery concert Thursday but heard from some other Dakota Tavern rejects who also missed the concert that they would be playing in Hamilton Friday. We picked up and left for Hamilton Friday afternoon and made our way to The Lion’s Head. The bar was tiny which was perfect. We sat right in the front and got the full Baskery experience. We also made some friends who watched our drinks while we smoked and answered annoying questions from old crackers. The opener was worth the entire trip. Chris Houston’s music wasn’t that great, but his lyrics were hillarious. I didn’t know Einstein’s brain is in Hamilton, but you learn something new everyday. I also learned that you can build a pretty cool song around any topic, including colostomy bags.



July 31, 2008

A friend of mine and I went to see a band called Baskery (Three Swedish sisters who play country/bluegrass which we didn’t get to see that night because they were sold out) in the Ossington and Dundas West area (pre rejection from the Dakota Tavern) we happened to notice two men carrying a toilet out to the curb. Not at all interesting on its own. A few blocks later, however, we spotted another toilet. Coincidence? Maybe, but then a third appeared another couple of blocks. Now that is extraordinary! I promptly took my camera out and snapped up some pictures because I just didn’t think anyone would believe me. Enjoy.



I hate the TTC

July 31, 2008

Now, I guess we could all say that at one time or another we have seen some fucking ridiculous shit on the TTC in terms of long ass waits for buses or streetcars, or seriously overcrowded vehicles. This particular day that I waited for a street car at Spadina station was simply unbelievable. I had to take a picture because I don’t think I had ever seen a line this long in my entire commuting history Damn you people in your sweet rides (even those in shit boxes). I’d rather take grid lock and road rage any day in my own little air conditioned cubby. Better than smelly old guys (You can just imagine summer. BO has taken on a whole new and ever so horrible meaning) getting dangerously close and brake-happy drivers. Boy am I bitter.


 I was at the very, very end of the line.

Yuppie Assholes

July 30, 2008

I work in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Toronto and this little piece of frustration made me stop and giggle, and store it in my camera of course. Written on one of our fancy Toronto trash recepticles at Queen and Spadina; “I hate all you yuppie stuck up asshole motherfuckers. Your all piece of shit. Goofs”. This could also include the hipster crowd.

So, to all the hipstery, American Apparel shopping, over tanned, rich, white, spoiled, bratty, lettuce eating (Yes, there is an eatery that sells LETTUCE, called LETTUCE on Richmond street. Ten fucking dollars for a little bit of iceberg which some call a meal) too skinny, bitchy, pseudo progressive Queen street dwellers, yuppies and hipsters alike, I think the people have spoken.